Signs You May Have Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line

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Occasionally, your plumbing drains and pipes get clogged by all sorts of materials such as paper towels, wipes, debris or even tree roots. Yes, you read correctly—tree roots can easily make their way into your sewer line. This can often cause significant damage to your drains leading to leaks and high water bills. However, it’s not always easy to tell if tree roots are in your pipes. To help you out, the pros at Crawford have prepared a list of notable signs that you may have tree roots stuck in your sewer line.

1. Gurgling Drains

If you notice mysterious sounds coming from your drains including your toilet, there is a chance you have tree roots clogging your sewer line. The obstruction caused by the roots can mess up the water flow throughout your plumbing system as well as slow down water flow. If you hear gurgling when you flush the toilet or you have slow drains, get in touch with a plumber.

2. Odors

You should not be smelling pungent or unpleasant odors on a daily basis, whether it is in your bathroom or kitchen. Odors indicate a major sewer line problem such as leak or a clog, which can cause sewage backups, which can eventually lead to bad odors. If you smell something coming from various plumbing fixtures, contact a plumber immediately. Sewage backups often emit toxic fumes that you do NOT want to be inhaling.

3. Soggy or Green Lawn

When tree roots make their way into your sewer line, they inevitably cause a blockage or a leak that makes a drastic change in water flow. That means water begins trickling in directions it is not supposed to go, such as your front lawn. Your landscape should be dry during these summer months—however, if you notice that it is soggy and wet constantly, you might need to call for professional plumbing services. A soggy lawn can become a great hide out for pests, mold and can also ruin the exterior and foundation of your home.

4. Damp Stains

If you notice damp stains across your home, especially in places like your basement, ceiling or walls, you might be dealing with an obstruction in your sewer line. With the disruption of the water flow and the damage to the pipes, leaks are inevitable. It’s important you get this issue fixed quickly as damp stains can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Mold can cause significant damage to the interior and exterior of your house, in addition to causing severe allergic reactions.

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