Why You Should Clean Your Drains Once a Month

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Forgetting or down-right avoiding chores is an easy thing to do. It seems like there’s always another item waiting on the checklist no matter how many you might finish. It’s no wonder we let the minor chores slide when there’s so much going on from day-to-day. Something as mundane as cleaning out your drains might sound like an easy out-of-sight issue that can always be postponed. Here’s why you should clean your drains once a month.

Early Warning Signs

The most minor issue with a clogged drain is mere annoyance. Watching a sink full of water slowly gurgle down a clogged drain typically won’t be enough to call most of us to swift action, but it’s a warning sign for things to come. Next comes sounds from fixtures and the pipes inside the walls, struggling to manage the growing burden of waste blockage and water trying to find its way through the plumbing. Smells will follow soon, after all, we’re talking about soggy waste from your kitchen or bathroom that has to make the short list of things you don’t want lingering around in your house for all sorts of reasons.

Worst Case Scenario

Allowing it to continue beyond that? Who knows! Stress in your pipes may cause them to fail unexpectedly. Rodents and pests may invite themselves in to try and resolve your plumbing issue in their own special way. Flooding from a backed-up fixture can cause a whole new level of damage depending on how long it goes unchecked. These risks run from minor annoyances to repair work that will lead to 4-digit bills on the low side! The point here is that it’s simply not worth it to leave something like this to chance, but what can be done?

Prevention and Maintenance

Setting up a schedule to have your drains cleaned is a good start. There’s quite a bit of information floating around as to just how often this type of maintenance should occur. Weekly? Monthly? Every other year? Never? In the interest of balancing a regular person’s life with the risks involved, monthly is probably the best bet for most. Sure, there are surely some exceptional cases. If you’ve got curious kids with socks that go missing after toilets flush, or a giant family of long-haired bathers, then perhaps you might consider bi-weekly maintenance.

Call Crawford for Drain Cleaning Services

Trying to tackle it yourself may be a risky game. Heavy chemicals? They have a tendency to eat through pipes and are awful for the environment to boot! Trying to DIY this type of job with wrong equipment or methods can inadvertently cause damage to plumbing and fixtures or might just make the problem worse. Sans specialized tools, training, or time there is a solution! Give Crawford Services, Inc. a call! We’ve got the experience and integrity to tackle the job quickly and professionally. If you’re wanting to set up an appointment or need more information feel free to call!