Maximize Efficiency with Air Conditioning Maintenance in Dallas & Fort Worth

Proper maintenance is crucial for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of your air conditioning unit. Regular service from a professional technician can increase performance, slash energy bills and prevent costly air conditioning repairs in the future. With regular air conditioning maintenance, your cooling can last technicians are certified to provide comprehensive maintenance for all makes and models of air conditioners. From annual inspections and cleaning to in-depth tune-ups, we have the experience to handle everything a maintenance visit is supposed to offer. Call us today at 214-271-8800 to learn more about how professional air conditioning maintenance can benefit you!

Why Is Air Conditioning Maintenance Important?

Air conditioning maintenance is about more than just avoiding breakdowns. It also ensures that your air conditioner is performing at its best, producing cool air in the most efficient way possible. During one of our typical maintenance calls, a technician will perform a thorough assessment of all system components, making the necessary corrections for maximum benefits. This could include items including changing the air filter, replenishing coolant and more. By maintaining your air conditioner, you’ll improve efficiency and lower energy costs associated with running your AC over time.

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What Can You Expect from Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance?


A thorough cleaning

Technicians should clean key components like the evaporator, compressor and condenser to remove dust and debris that can pile up over time. This helps keep everything running smoothly and prevents the need for costly repairs or even premature air conditioning installation.

Regular filter replacement

Old or dirty filters can limit airflow and make it more difficult for your air conditioner to run efficiently. During maintenance visits, technicians will exchange any worn-out filters and encourage the best air filter for your indoor air quality needs.



Key component calibration

Appropriate calibration of core components like the compressor and evaporator coils ensures that each and every element of your air conditioner is working seamlessly together. If crucial parts like the refrigerant lines are broken, a technician will sometimes recommend air conditioning replacement as the most cost-effective solution.

Inspecting HVAC accessories

During a maintenance call, technicians can also inspect accessories like the thermostat as some malfunctions can be traced back to them. Professional upkeep should always identify the root cause of any problems and advise the best course of action instead of stopping short at surface-level solutions.



Verifying safety protocols and electrical connections

Everything must be properly connected for optimal performance, and this is particularly true for safety features created to protect the unit. Technicians will check these connections to sustain that everything is operating like normal.

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Learn More About What Pro Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Offer Today

Regularly scheduled air conditioning maintenance from the professionals at Crawford Services can provide all sorts of benefits, including stronger performance, enhanced safety and smaller energy bills throughout the lifetime of your unit. Give us a call today at 214-271-8800 to schedule your next maintenance visit and ensure your air conditioner is in the absolute best shape.

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