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  • Why a Ductless Mini-Split is Beneficial


  • Why a Ductless Mini-Split is Beneficial

    September 27, 2019

    why a ductless mini split is beneficial

    There are plenty of choices when you begin investigating ways to more efficiently heat and cool your home. If you sat down and pored over every one, you’d be stuck researching for a long time! With how quickly technology has advanced, you have no shortage of options to choose from.

    One method that has gained some traction lately, though, is the ductless mini-split. These air systems provide unprecedented comfort, flexibility and efficiency. Find out why this may be what you’re looking for, as the pros here at Crawford Services explain it.

    Customization for Every Home

    Traditional HVAC systems are great at what they do. They generate a cool or warm indoor environment depending on what you want, and they’re effective at quickly distributing that throughout the entire home. However, that effectiveness can suffer in certain situations. If your home has multiple levels, for example, it will take more energy to get that air upstairs, all while the lower level gets more of that air than they wanted.

    With a ductless mini-split, though, you don’t have to worry about that. These systems divide your home into individually controlled zones, which means that each zone temperature can be set however you want. That second level can be set at the temperature you want without forcing other parts of the home to do the same. Whatever specific conditions different areas of your home have, a ductless mini-split can handle it.

    Increased Efficiency

    Part of the struggle of modern heating and air conditioning is figuring out a way to manage the costs while still achieving the comfort level you desire. With an HVAC unit, you’re enlisting the help of a large unit that requires a lot of power to generate the cool or warm air you want. And that works just fine for some families.

    But every situation isn’t created equal. The above process isn’t too terribly efficient, but a ductless mini-split is. It is simply a wall-mounted, self-contained unit that needs a tiny hole in the wall to feed its connection tube through. It requires far less power to generate the air, which means you end up spending a significantly smaller chunk of change on energy bills every month!

    It’s Better for the Environment

    Another underrated aspect of switching to ductless mini-split systems is the effect it has on the world around us. We already talked about how it manages energy much better than traditional HVAC units do – which saves money as well – but a ductless mini-split helps in other ways. They use a refrigerant that is better for the environment, and they meet Energy Star guidelines set by the government in order to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

    Not only will you enjoy more customization for a fully personalized heating and cooling strategy, but you’ll be able to feel better about it as well!

    Talk to Your Ductless Mini-Split Experts at Crawford Services!

    If a ductless mini-split system sounds like something that you and your family would be interested in – or even if you’d just like more information before making a decision – let us help! The pros here at Crawford Services are here to answer any questions you have in order to help you make the most informed decision possible!

    Give us a call at 214-271-8800 in Dallas and at 817-869-9045 in Fort Worth!