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  • HVAC Buyback Program


  • Make Your Repair Dollars Work in Our HVAC Service Buyback Program!

    We know one of the toughest decisions for a homeowner is repair vs. replacement of an HVAC system. If you’ve had a large repair done this year on older equipment, you know you’ll need a new comfort system soon, but maybe you’re not ready since you just spent your hard earned money on that repair. This is a common and reasonable approach, but might end up costing you more money in the long run.

    While this investment helped your system work properly now, we want to give you peace of mind for the future so Crawford Services is introducing our HVAC Service Buyback Program!

    For a limited time*, Crawford Services will put the money you already spent on an HVAC repair (even if it was with another company!) towards the cost of a brand new, energy efficient HVAC comfort system**!

    With this special offer, we’ll give you a credit in Crawford Bucks $1250 towards a new system. You already spent money on a repair, why not use it towards a new system?

    We have great financing plans including low payment plans with NO INTEREST and NO PAYMENTS FOR 6 MONTHS, with payments starting at $120/month after that (with approved credit).***

    Stop worrying about the next time you’ll need a repair and upgrade to a new HVAC system today! Contact us to learn more and schedule an appointment today!



    * Buyback program is valid through 1/31/21. Not valid with other promotions or previously contracted work.
    ** HVAC system is defined as a minimum of two HVAC components. Total amount to be put towards new system cannot exceed $1250
    ***Financing: Loan payment of $116.00 based on total loan example amount of $10,000. Actual financed amount may vary. Repayment term is 120 months. 9.99% fixed APR. Minimum loan amounts apply. The first monthly payment will be due 180 days after the loan closes. No down payment.