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  • Advantage Program


    *By submitting, I acknowledge that my email and phone number are the best way to reach me.

  • When you own your HVAC equipment, you also own the hassles and headaches when something goes wrong, including the costs to repair and maintain your system. But when you choose energy-efficient equipment through the Advantage Program, we help you with the headaches and hassles—you pay one monthly fee and Crawford will install, repair, maintain and service the equipment, ensuring you have reliable heating and cooling in your home all year long. With this alternative to owning your HVAC equipment, when a covered repair is needed, Crawford will be there for you.

    The Advantage Program by Crawford Services, Inc. offers an environmentally friendly home HVAC solution that helps lower your energy costs in multiple ways:

    • High-Efficiency Equipment Packages: Get any combination of Furnace, Heat Pumps, Boilers, A/C and Water Heaters and work with known, higher-efficiency systems that use less
      energy and help you save money on your utility bills. Your equipment is maintained for the life of the program.
    • Energy Savings Service: Get a 4-14.7% reduction in HVAC runtime and save $33-$103 annually.* This AI-based service from Resideo intelligently uses your local weather
      forecast to optimize your thermostat schedule. The result is a more efficient system that will help lower energy costs without sacrificing comfort.
    • Smart Technology: When you enroll in the Advantage Program, you get a Honeywell Home T10 Smart Thermostat* that works with Smart Room Sensors to help you adjust
      temperature and humidity from anywhere. Set a comfortable schedule from the app or on the touch screen—or do nothing and let the sensors respond to your lifestyle. This will help you save energy throughout the day.

    Advantage Program at a Glance

    Advantage Program Traditional Purchase (without a service plan)
    Keep Your System Running Great Full covered equipment replacement if unrepairable X
    Annual maintenance service X
    Parts and labor for covered repairs, as needed X
    Air filters and delivery X
    Help You Save Smart thermostat with energy saving service X
    No out-of-pocket costs for covered service calls X
    More Comfort and Fewer Headaches Emergency Dedicated Service Hotline X
    Fully transferable based on certain conditions X
    Soft credit score inquiry that won’t impact your credit score X

    More great news: Your payment will never increase during the life of the program

    When you choose the Advantage Program as your home heating and cooling solution, you get peace of mind that your monthly payment will always stay the same, regardless of equipment costs or inflation. Contact your local HVAC experts at Crawford Services today to learn more!

    *Savings are estimate based on averages from prior studies of smart thermostats; actual savings not guaranteed. Actual savings are impacted by HVAC usage, scheduled usage, homeowner intervention, location and other factors.