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  • Thermostats & Controls


    *By submitting, I acknowledge that my email and phone number are the best way to reach me.

  • Whether you need a traditional thermostat or a smart, programmable thermostat installed, Crawford Services, Inc. has the HVAC offerings you need to stay comfortable in your home. Our professional HVAC technicians respect your home and time by providing quality service and excellent customer care. Our live call center representatives will dispatch a qualified, trained technician to your home to install your new thermostat on the same day of your call.

    Benefits of a Smart, Programmable Thermostat


    Most smart, programmable thermostats have the capability to control them through the use of an app on a smart phone. Did you forget to shut off your thermostat before you left for work? Can’t remember? No worries! Just check the app on your phone to see the setting for thermostat. Change the temperature using your touch screen.

    Further, you can schedule your thermostat to fluctuate to a certain temperature at the same time every day. If you like it cold in your room while you’re sleeping, but the chilly temperature keeps you from waking up in the morning, just set your thermostat to change about 30 minutes before you get up.

    Save Energy

    Having your thermostat programmed at certain times – gradually, smoothly changing from one temperature to the next – will save you money in the long run. Shutting your thermostat off before you leave for the day and then turning it back on when you get home may actually spend more energy. It takes a while for your HVAC unit to heat up or cool down your home.

    Save Money

    When you can program the temperature of you home, conveniently with the push of a few touch-screen buttons, you can also save money long term. Never run up your energy bill because you forgot to turn down the temperature again. Save money with a smart, programmable thermostat now.

    Need a traditional thermostat installed? We’ve got you covered too. No matter your heating or cooling needs, Crawford Services, Inc. is on your side and available for same-day service.

    For expert, friendly service from Crawford Services, Inc. dial 214-271-8800 or 817-869-9045 to reach our customer service representatives today.