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  • Pet Owners’ Guide to Fall at Home


  • Pet Owners’ Guide to Fall at Home

    October 10, 2019

    Pet Home Maintenance Fall

    Maintaining a healthy indoor environment is always important, but it becomes even more crucial when the seasons begin changing. With fall finally here — and with it the cooler air, the reduction in humidity, and the other effects usually associated with the latter part of the year — it’s good to take stock of your home. Pets require some extra steps to ensure a healthy indoor environment, which you certainly already knew.

    But here are a few extra reminders from the IAQ experts at Crawford Services! It’s always helpful to have a refresher when you and your furry friends are gearing up for the cooler fall weather.

    Change Air Filters Out

    Most homes, regardless of whether they have pets or not, should swap the air filters in their HVAC units every 30 days, or around that timeframe. It keeps your air fresh and free of allergens and contaminants, and it ensures you and your family breath healthy air year-round.

    Pet owners should usually keep a slightly stricter schedule than that since pet dander can bog down your home’s air with some nasty airborne particles that will accelerate the problem. When fall arrives, go ahead and swap the filter out, even if it hasn’t been that long since the last switch. It’ll give your HVAC system a clean slate to work with as you adjust your indoor air usage, which will ease its burden.

    Perform an Impromptu House-Cleaning

    To really take advantage of the changing seasons, it’s helpful to go ahead and vacuum up all the existing dust and shedding that might be laying around your home. When fall arrives, you and your family will be thankful that your air isn’t being contaminated by any existing allergens or other irritants that were hanging around.

    If you take a few minutes out of your day to make sure the house is clean, you’ll prevent any buildup from occurring with the dust that was hiding around. It makes for a cleaner, fresher home that will be ready to take on the cooler temperatures!

    Give Your Pets a Bath

    One extra way to cross your T’s and dot your I’s, so to speak, is to give your pets a thorough bath when you’re preparing to adjust your home for the fall. It’ll get rid of any lingering fleas, dirt, or other irritants — plus your furry friend will feel much better!

    Schedule a Check-Up for Your HVAC System

    Nothing, however, beats a comprehensive inspection from an HVAC technician you trust. When a professionally trained expert comes to take a look at your unit, they’ll ease any concerns you may have. Knowing your heating and cooling system is performing at peak efficiency when you need it most will be helpful, and they’ll also be able to let you know if your pet is affecting the performance in any way.

    Let Us Help You!

    With Crawford Services, all your cares and worries will be taken care of. Our team has a wealth of knowledge to help solve your HVAC questions and concerns, and we’ll recommend the optimal solution to make sure you and your family are totally comfortable this fall.

    Give us a call at 214-271-8800 in Dallas, or 817-869-9045 in Fort Worth for the most reliable service in the DFW area!