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  • 20% Flexible Install Instant Savings


  • Crawford Services is offering a 20% INSTANT SAVINGS to clients that have flexibility in the timing of an installation for a new comfort HVAC system

    We have partnered with our manufacturing vendors and have been given an opportunity to purchase 200 comfort systems from October 19, 2020 thru November 20, 2020 at a reduced price. We want to pass these savings on to our clients in the way of an instant discount

    Space is limited for this offer! We only have 100 installation spaces per month in December and January for a total of 200 system installs. You will save 20% on the upfront price of any system you choose by reserving NOW and installing your new, high-efficiency HVAC system later!

    Here are some more details:

    • Select any complete system and receive a 20% flexible installation discount off of the total agreement amount price.
    • Pay a 10% fully refundable deposit to Crawford Services to hold the desired installation date beginning 12/1/20 thru 1/31/21.
    • Should your plans change or you need to move up or delay your installation, we will gladly refund 100% of your deposit or apply it to another plan.
    • Want to finance the deposit and the purchase? No problem, our Comfort Specialists will pre-qualify you for any of our selected financing packages. We have a low payment plan with 0% down, 6 months deferred and then payments start at $120 per month.
    • Any other manufacturer rebates will apply at the time of your selected installation. Lennox will often announce rebates 60 days prior to the installation. So stay tuned for more details.