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  • Should I Invest in a Home Water Purifier?


  • Should I Invest in a Home Water Purifier?

    May 24, 2019

    should i invest in a home water purifier

    We’re always trying to figure out ways to stay healthy and to improve things around our homes. For a lot of us, this includes purifying our water, but the ways to do that are somewhat limited. Most of the time your only option is to buy one of those water-purifying pitchers and constantly refill it, and that gets tiring when you do it over and over again.

    Don’t worry, though! You have another option – a whole-home water purifier. When you install one of these, you’ll be able to put your worries to rest for good as this device handles all the hard work without you ever having to lift a finger! But should you get a water purifier? Let the pros at Crawford Services help explain why one might be right for you.

    Cleaner Water, Healthier Family

    This is the reason most people invest in a water purifier – whole-home or otherwise. The goal is to create cleaner water for drinking, bathing and washing, and a whole-home water purifier does just that. It removes the chemicals and minerals you don’t like, but it does so without any effort on your part.

    All you do is use your water like you normally would, and this device handles all the hard work for you ahead of time. When the water comes out of the faucet, washing machine or showerhead like normal, it’s already cleaned! The harmful chemicals and minerals are gone, easing your mind.

    Fewer Expenses

    Up until now, the only purification methods have been with point-of-use purifiers, like the ones you attach to your sink or the ones that come as part of a water pitcher. The filters need replacing every now and then, and eventually those expenses add up.

    And if you choose to go an alternative route, you might usually stock up on bottled water if your own water isn’t drinkable. Even though bottled water comes in large packs, the cost of purchasing more will climb quicker than you realize. Factor in the money spent on cleaning soap scum off of dishes, fixtures and clothes, and a whole-home water purifier will pay for itself.

    Better-tasting Water

    Water that is actually enjoyable to drink will piggyback off the previous benefit. When you genuinely want to drink your tap water, then you’ll pay for less bottled water and be more likely to drink water regularly. Drinking more water will boost your health and keep you from drinking more harmful things like soda or other sugary drinks.

    Your Plumbing Lasts Longer

    All the corrosive minerals and bacteria in your water has another effect beyond affecting the taste. It travels through your pipes to get there, and your plumbing system can eventually deteriorate from handling that water for so long. But with a whole-home water purifier, your plumbing system is free to carry clean, non-corrosive water for years to come.

    The pros here at Crawford Services pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality plumbing service in all of Grand Prairie. We’ll work with you to draw up a comprehensive solution that solves whatever problem you and your family may be experiencing – whether it’s dirty water or something else entirely – and we won’t rest until you’re totally satisfied.

    To find out more about how a whole-home water purifier can benefit your home, give us a call at 214-271-8800 today!