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  • How to Know When To Replace a Sewer Line


  • How to Know When To Replace a Sewer Line

    August 23, 2019

    how to know when to replace a sewer line

    Without our trusty sewer line, we’d have to deal with nasty wastewater in any number of unpleasant ways. And most of the time, we don’t even pay much attention to the pipe that takes that water away from our home – it’s only when it suffers a drawback or breakdown that we realize how good we had it. But how do you know when to replace a sewer line?

    The answers are fairly simple. Let the plumbing experts at Crawford Services help you out, and you’ll be prepared the next time a few of these symptoms pop up!

    What’s Causing Problems

    Since a sewer line is located underground, the things that can affect it are pretty limited. That helps you narrow down the potential list of problems quickly and easily, after which a professional can come and diagnose exactly what the issue is.

    • Intrusion: trees, root systems and other natural elements pose a risk. When these things grow, they can sometimes come into contact with your sewer line and damage it.
    • Obstruction: there’s a chance that you could clog your sewer line by accident when you flush something down the drain. If it gets clogged and backs up the pipe, you’ll notice the effects in your home pretty quickly.
    • Age: as the sewer line gets older, it will break down the same way that anything else will. You can catch this before it’s too late though, by scheduling an inspection to make sure your pipes are in good condition and aren’t in danger of cracking.

    What You’ll Notice

    Although you won’t be able to tell exactly what the problem is from above ground – at least, not without scheduling an inspection – you’ll be able to get an idea through various symptoms and conditions.

    • Standing Water: when your sewer line gets clogged and can’t deliver the wastewater away from your home, the water will naturally get backed up and flood your home.
    • Fluctuating Water Pressure: when your sewer line is on the fritz, you’ll probably encounter uneven flow from different appliances in your home. If you’ve noticed unexplainable drops and spikes in water pressure, it might have something to do with your pipes!
    • Unexplainable Rise in Water Bill Costs: another symptom of problematic sewer lines is a noticeably higher-than-normal water bill. When your pipes are leaking, breaking down or broken, water will escape and get wasted. To compensate, you’ll end up using much more water than you intended to.

    Crawford Services: Sewer Line Experts You Can Trust!

    We hope this brief guide was helpful for you and your family! Now that you’re more familiar with sewer lines and what can affect them, you’ll have a better idea of knowing how to tell when you need to replace a sewer line. Crawford Services is here every step of the way, from diagnostic inspections to installations and everything in-between.

    Give us a call at 214-271-8800 (Dallas) or 817-869-9045 (Fort Worth) for the most reliable service in the area!