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  • Why is There No Hot Water Coming Out of the Hot Water Taps?


  • Why is There No Hot Water Coming Out of the Hot Water Taps?

    March 22, 2019

    why is there no hot water

    We take a lot of things for granted in 21st-century America, and hot water is extremely high up on that list. It’s just part of our everyday lives at this point, and we assume it’s going to be there all day, every day. But every so often, you might wake up, stumble over to your shower and turn it on, only to realize the water is frigid and won’t be getting any hotter.

    What’s going on? Where’s the hot water? When the water isn’t heating, time is of the essence. But how do you figure out why it isn’t working, and what can you do about it? Read on, and the pros at Crawford Services will help you out!

    Check Your Leak-Detection System

    If your home has a leak-detection system installed, then it could be the reason your hot water has disappeared. A leak-detection system is designed to, obviously, identify a leak. When it finds one, it’ll shut off the water system entirely – so if you’ve got a total lack of water, not just an abundance of cold water – then the leak-detection system might be to blame.

    You can restore the proper water flow, though, by pressing the reset button if your system is equipped with one. If it isn’t, however, then you can just unplug the leak-detection system and plug it back in.

    Water Heater Supply is Gone

    An obvious reason why your water might not be flowing is simply because the water isn’t there! Check your water heater to see if the supply has gotten shut off for some reason. If it has, then you can adjust the flow to return the supply back to its proper levels – or you can call someone to handle it for you.

    The Temperature Isn’t Right

    Sometimes you still get a normal amount of water, but it’s gone cold for whatever reason. One of the most common reasons behind this is because the mechanisms that heat the water aren’t calibrated correctly.

    Check your pilot light and see if it’s been ignited. It should be a blueish color – any other shade means the pilot light isn’t working correctly.

    It can also be a result of your temperature dial being adjusted incorrectly. Check both of these things to see if one or both of them might be the culprit – if so, let a professional return them to normal.

    Electric Water Heater Problem?

    If your water heater is a tankless version, it might be suffering from a power-related issue. Go see if the power supply is operating like it’s supposed to and perform a quick fix. Otherwise, it might be a more serious problem – one left to the experts.

    No matter what the problem is with your hot water, the pros at Crawford Services can fix it. Give us a call at 214-717-6883 to see why we’re Grand Prairie’s most reliable home service provider!