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  • Why Smart Thermostats Are a Smart Investment


  • Why Smart Thermostats Are a Smart Investment

    August 9, 2019


    Thermostats, like most other devices and appliances, have gotten advanced and more technologically complex throughout the years. We used to turn the dial to set a temperature, and that became a switch that we’d flip or a button we’d press. Now, we’ve got designs that can do it all for us: smart thermostats.  

    These intuitive devices are ideal for maximizing the efficiency of your central air – and saving money on your utility bill. The team here at Crawford Services has plenty of experience with them, so let us help explain why smart thermostats are a smart investment for you and your family!

    They Cut Down on Costs

    What are smart thermostats, exactly? They’re really just programmable thermostats with an important caveat: they only work if you set them ahead of time. And although a lot of people who buy them assume that they’ll program a schedule in, they often don’t.

    • According to a 2010 study by researchers at the University of California Berkeley, nearly 90% of households with programmable thermostats rarely program a schedule or don’t set one at all – effectively wasting the benefits that they provide!

    A smart thermostat helps you fill in that blind spot by adjusting a schedule for you. It detects when people are in the home and when they’re gone, and it uses that data to figure out when to increase cooling/heating power and when to lower the power. Thanks to this automatic adjusting, you’ll notice drops in your cooling and heating bills!

    Energy Usage Tracking

    One of the benefits of being connected to the internet is the ease with which we can research and gain information. Of course, this applies to thermostats as well. When you invest in a smart thermostat, you might be able to view your energy usage statistics online wherever you are depending on the type of thermostat you purchase.

    When you’re able to check your stats anywhere, you can view your household’s energy efficiency in real time and adjust your strategy accordingly.

    They’re More Convenient

    Another aspect of a smart thermostat that often goes overlooked is its connectivity to your phone. When you invest in a smart thermostat, you’ll be able to connect with it through Wi-Fi, which means you’ll be able to adjust the temperature no matter where you are.

    Wake up in the middle of the night and find out you’re freezing? Just roll over, pull up the thermostat’s app, and warm the house up in no time. Are you about to come home from vacation during the summer and want to come home to a cool and comfortable home? No problem. Just lower the temperature a bit before you get home, and you and your family won’t have to wait for the house to cool down.

    Crawford Services: Your Reliable Thermostat Experts

    Smart thermostats are a smart investment, and the experts at Crawford Services will be glad to help you and your family discover the benefits and advantages one can bring to your home. To learn more about them, give us a call at 214-271-8800 in Dallas, or 817-869-9045 in Fort Worth today!