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    When it comes to reducing the power bill, you might have more than a few options at your disposal. Keep a fan on in the summer, and bundle up with a sweater when it’s cold to spare the […]

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    The most thought people tend to give the idea of a failing heating system is that it’ll simply stop working and they’ll be cold until it gets fixed. Aside from the obvious hazards of being cold for too […]

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    Forgetting or down-right avoiding chores is an easy thing to do. It seems like there’s always another item waiting on the checklist no matter how many you might finish. It’s no wonder we let the minor chores slide […]

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    The holidays have come to a close, which is bittersweet. You’re grateful for the time spent with the people you love, but just as grateful that the stress of planning, buying, wrapping, and decorating is over. Now is […]

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    Winter is officially upon us. That means you’re taking more measures to stay warm: bundling up, keeping blankets nearby, cranking the heater, and maybe burning some logs in the fireplace. For all the effort you’re making to stay […]

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    If you’re looking for an excuse to buy a cool, sleek Nest thermostat, here it is: 5 reasons a smart thermostat is worth the investment. 1. Full Control in the Palm of Your Hand The “smart” part of the […]

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    In the world of professional HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation, not all contractors are equally qualified. In fact, it can be easy to fall into the trap of hiring an unreliable or overpriced contractor when you fail to […]

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    We’ve all encountered nasty plumbing problems before. When you’ve got a clog that just won’t go away or a stopped-up drain that is making it difficult to get anything done, you need a way to deal with it […]

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    Drains are integral to keeping our homes’ plumbing systems running smoothly. More often than not, we don’t even think about them because we just assume they’ll keep working as intended. But every now and then, life throws a […]

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    How can you tell that your HVAC system is on its way out? Before you can start looking at replacement options, you need to know if it’s actually a good time to replace your current model. Although a […]